World UGT 173/2015

Trade Union Information Bulletin Year 7 nº 173 November 15, 2015
You can read on this number (World UGT 173/2015)

Brazilian Republic – UGT, its board of directors and its militants strongly believe in Brazil, since we believe that the current serious situation will be solved and Brazil will continue to go on its path to a brilliant future. This November 15, the Brazilian republic celebrates its 126 anniversary. Ricardo Patah, national president of UGT

Humanity x barbarity – UGT expresses total solidarity to the victims of terrorist actions that took hundreds of lives on the evening of November 13, in Paris. These acts of terror never hit only a certain number of people or only one nation. Its evil effects struck human kind as a whole, which is hurt, though not defeated in this conflict against barbarity.

National Trade Union Plenary Session in defense of Employment – On November 09, the Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Social Economic Studies (DIEESE) hosted in its head office, in São Paulo, a meeting with UGT and other trade union centers, trying to organize a movement in defense of the strengthening of the oil, gas, construction and naval sectors, in order to take Brazil off recession.

The wave of intolerance in the world and in Brazil – Human kind is experiencing a strange moment. Actions of intolerance, lack of fondness and respect for human being and xenophobia (aversion to foreigners) are taking place in Europe. All of that occurred in a crisis that was a result of the flow of Arab and African immigrants and caused shipwrecks, drowned children, construction of walls, cursing and arrestments. Marco Aurélio de Oliveira, president of Sintratel

UGT making it happen with UNI in Switzerland – The meeting of the International Executive Committee UNI Global is taking place in Nyon, Switzerland, and Ricardo Patah, national president of UGT and Moacyr Pereira, finance secretary, are attending it.

1st Meeting on Young Unionism of the Southern Cone – The 1st Meeting on Young Unionism of the Southern Cone took place at the head office of Fetiesc, in Itapema, Santa Catarina. It lasted three days and was full of debate and exchanges of experiences among young officers from different trade unions.

In 2015 UGT grows throughout Brazil – During the first meeting of the board of executives of UGT, its vice-presidents and presidents of all State branches, an evaluation of the trade union center pointed out that in 2015 UGT presented surprising results, growing in all States and increasing the number of affiliated trade unions and workers it represents, consolidating itself as the trade union that represents more workers of the commerce and service areas.

UGT´s Women Department in favor of the legal ratification of Convention 156 – UGT´s Women Department attends legal hearing that gathered representatives of the National Forum of Working Women of Trade Union Centers to discuss 20 years after the World Conference on Women in Beijing (1995) and the launching of the campaign for the ratification of Convention 156.

National March of Black Women – On November 18, Brasilia will receive thousands of protesters that will attend the March of Black Women against racism and violence.

International Seminar DIEESE 60 years – DIEESE celebrates 60 years of fight in defense of workers by holding an international seminar

Marcos Afonso Oliveira
UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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