World UGT 175/2015

Trade Union Information Bulletin     Year  7    nº 175    December 20, 2015

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Commitment to the future – The official release of the letter “Commitment to Development” took place on December 03, at the Social Center Hakka Brasil, in São Paulo. The event, which symbolizes unity among the working class and the business class, searches for alternatives to face the effects of this serious crisis that was established in our country and gathered more than a thousand people, among workers, militants, trade union officers, businessmen and congressmen.  “This movement is extremely important, especially because we need to improve this relationship between capital and work”, Ricardo Patah said.

Proposals were presented to president Dilma – UGT, represented by Canindé Pegado, secretary general, and by representatives of other trade union and business centers, discussed today, December 15, seven proposals to restore the economic growth in Brazil, which were presented in the Forum of Debate on Employment, Labor, Income and Social Security policies in Brasilia. This document was delivered to president Dilma Rousseff.

Facing climate changes – UGT saluted the result of the Paris Climate Conference, which it considers a promising start for the major current challenge of human kind, that is, halt the advance of global warming.  Read the document: Work, Climate Change and Climate Conferences: subsidies for negotiations of UGT at COP 21.

UGT in Brazilian event in Paris – In a meeting with the Brazilian Environment Minister and with other trade union centers in France, Renato Fernandes, assistant environment secretary of UGT from the Federal District of Brazil, saluted the presence of the Brazilian government in that country, on behalf of Ricardo Patah, president of UGT, and emphasized the importance of the partnership and thrust that minister Isabela Teixeira gives to this negotiation and issues concerning Brazilian workers.

More jobs and less interest – UGT’s State branch of Rio de Janeiro attends act for reemployment, for the restore of economy and for the reduction of the interest rate

UGT and trade union centers make a protest in Recife – UGT’s State branch of Pernambuco and the trade union centers CTB, CGTB, NCST and Força Sindical, united at the movement Shout of Trade Union Centers, gathered nearly 800 protestors for a parade in downtown Recife with the goal of protesting against corruption, interest rates and abusive taxes, for the end of the social security factor, reduction of working hours for shift work without a reduction in salaries, among other fight ideals.

Decent Work and International Cooperation – UGT will hold, on December 16 and 17, the 1st Conference on Decent Work and International Cooperation, at its national head office on 144 Aguiar de Barros Street, in the Bela Vista neighborhood, in Sao Paulo. UGT’s Observatory of Decent Work and by the Department of Issues Related to Anti-unionist Practices and Labor Relations is organizing this conference.

Preparation of educators – UGT, in a partnership with the Paulo Freire Institute, held the Course Preparation of Educators, and, on December 10, handed over diplomas to the graduating teachers of 2015.

UGT addresses the disaster of Mariana in Paris – The disaster that reached the Brazilian ground was highlighted in a supporting protest promoted by UGT and other trade union centers in Paris, at the COP 21 conference of the parties.

UGT wishes a Happy New Year to everyone 

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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