World UGT 178/2016

Trade Union Information Bulletin  Year 8 nº 178   February 03, 2016

You can read on this number (World UGT 178/2016).

Dialogue to tackle the crisis – Last week, the relaunching of the Council of Social and Economic Development (CDES) took place in Brasilia. I attended the first meeting and represented UGT, with Eleuza de Cassia Bufelli Macari, secretary of UGT’s Women Department.  UGT hopes that the statement of president Dilma of being “completely available to dialogue, as well as her ministers, is effective because dialogue is the main tool of the trade union center for the defense of the interests of the working class and we are, and will always be, completely open to search for solutions for the Brazilian problems. Ricardo Patah, national president of UGT

 “Lowering interest rates to increase employment” – On January 19, the pressure put by UGT, and by other trade union centers, at Paulista Avenue in front of the building of the Central Bank against the policy of increasing the interest rate had a practical result, because the Central Bank ended up keeping the Selic rate at 14.25%.

Brazil: 10 million unemployed workers? – On January 19, the International Labor Organization publicized a report on the world unemployment predicting that Brazil will have 8.4 million unemployed workers at the end of 2016, adding 700 thousand unemployed to the 7.7 million reached last year. This way, the unemployment rate will go from 7.2% to 7.7%, only stabilizing itself in 2017.

UGT is at the World Social Forum – The World Social Forum (WSF) 2016, under the theme “Peace, Democracy and the Rights of the People and the Planet” took place on January 19 to 23, with an active presence of UGT, in Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul. An inter-religions act for peace and tolerance of people, at the Legislative Body of the State, and a walk (in the picture) marked the first day.

Moral Harassment: This Ghost Does exist – UGT’s event at the World Social Forum on moral harassment has major impact. Launching of the campaign against moral harassment marked the presence of UGT at the World Social Forum 2016.

Trade Union Reporter receive the visit of UGT’s economist – On January 19, Eduardo Rocha, economist, trade union advisor and militant of the left wing, gave an interview at the show Trade Union Reporter, at the Trade Union Agency TV Station.

Tribute to 15 years of the World Social Forum – The Brazilian post office launched, this week, a commemorative stamp on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the World Social Forum, which takes place in Porto Alegre. The stamp also pays tribute to UGT, trade union Center that represents 8 million workers and more than 1,300 trade unions.

Scandal of work hidden in major multinational companies – New report of the International Trade Union Confederation – ITUC – exposes the hidden workforce of 116 million in global supply chains of fifty major multinational companies. They employ only 6% of people in a direct relationship and depend on an invisible workforce of 94%, according to the ITUC research.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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