World UGT 179/2016

        Trade Union Information Bulletin             Year  8    nº 179            February 15, 2016

You can read on this number (World UGT 179/2016).

Let’s talk about employment, Mrs. President – On February 17, UGT will attend the meeting of the Forum Debate on Policies of Employment, Labor, Income and Social Security in Brasilia. I will represent our trade union center with the goal of discussing the essential issue of the Brazilian crisis at the moment: job creation with the reinstatement of economy. Ricardo Patah, national president of UGT

Patah condemns use of FGTS in loans – Ricardo Patah gave an interview to Heródoto Barbeiro, at the JR newscast, and condemned the use of FGTS (Severance Indemnity Fund) as loan guarantee. The president of UGT and of the Trade Union of Commerce Workers considered it a high-risk operation. UGT defends restoring economy and has presented proposals with this goal.

In Brasília, Salaberry defends workers – In another action in pro of the interest of workers, Miguel Salaberry Filho, secretary of UGT’s department of Institutional Relationships and president of the Trade Union of Employees in Sports Clubs and Federations (Secefergs), went to the Senate, at the Human Rights Commission and Participative Legislation (CDH), saying what is necessary to protect the class interests.

20-day Paternity leave project is sent to Dilma for sanction – On February 3, the plenary session of the Senate approved the 20-day paternity leave through a regulatory mark of childhood rights, aimed to children aged up until 6 years old.

Guy Ryder announces Global Youth Initiative – In the midst of the global crisis of youth employment – featured by unprecedented levels of unemployment, poor quality of employment and low salaries – the UN system is launching an ambitious initiative to create decent jobs for young people and to help their transitions from school to work.

Unemployment affects the service sector – One of the last pillars of resistance to the crisis, the sector of administrative and complementary services began to fire employees at the end of 2015 due to the choice of companies in reducing the demand for this kind of activity. Without a choice, this segment – which included cleaning, surveillance and telemarketing tasks – is terminating contracts of people with less qualification and lower remuneration, who may find it hard to be in the job market once again.

Sanitation is the topic of the Fraternity Campaign – The 2016 Fraternity Campaign will be focused on the need of basic sanitation for all the population. The initiative was launched on February 10 through a partnership between CNBB (Brazilian National Confederation of Bishops) and Conic (National Council of Christian Churches).

UGT supports UAW lawsuit against Nissan – On February 05, representatives of United Auto Workers – UAW (American automobile trade union) went to the national head office of UGT to deal with a trade union lawsuit against Nissan, one of the official sponsors of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. This lawsuit has the goal of demanding this company to respect the affiliation right of its workers in the units of Tennessee and Mississippi.

Nilson Duarte Costa is reelected – President of UGT’s State branch of Rio de Janeiro is reelected to lead the Trade Union of Heavy Construction

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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