World UGT 180/2016

Trade Union Information Bulletin Year 8 nº 180 March 01, 2016

You can read on this number (World UGT 180/2016).

UGT against the mosquito – UGT is against dengue fever, Zika and Chikungunya viruses and launches National Campaign of Fight against the Aedes aegypti. On Februrary 20, UGT launched the National Campaign of Fight against the Aedes aegypti, at Espaço dos Sonhos, in the Rio Pequeno neighborhood, São Paulo. Ricardo Patah, national president of the trade union center, walked on the streets of the neighborhood with health agents and workers of several professional classes with the goal of raising awareness of population on the importance of remaining aware in the fight of breeding sites of the mosquito.

It is time to create income and employment – To UGT, what matters is creating employment and income and not reforming the social security. Leaders of trade union centers left the second meeting of the Forum of Debates on Labor, Employment, Income and Social Security Policies, unsatisfied with proposals for the social security reform, which is supposed to be discussed within 60 days in a sector group.

Meeting of UGT’s National Board of Directors – UGT’s State branch of Rio receives the visit of UGT’s officers from 27 Brazilian States and Federal District at the national board of directors. Nilson Duarte Costa, president of UGT’s State Branch of Rio, talked about the importance of hosting the first meeting of the national board of executives held outside of São Paulo, thanking the presence of congressmen, especially Francisco Dornelles, former labor minister.

UGT against project of complementary Law on outsourcing – UGT reaffirmed its position against the project of complementary Law that increased and authorizes services of outsourcing in Brazil, during a public hearing held last Thursday in a plenary session of the Legislative Assembly.

Nissan’s anti-unionist practices are denounced – Protest in front of Rio’s Olympic Committee marks delivery of letter of accusation against Nissan, which is an official sponsor of the Olympic Games. Over 200 unionists made a protest to demand the assembler to fulfill the agreement signed with the coordination of the Games, which establishes social responsibility and respect to the workers in all chain of suppliers of the event.

Nissan’s anti-unionist practices go against international rules – Nissan’s attitudes go against at least three international tools of corporate responsibility. The Basic Code of Commercial Ethical Initiative, edited by Ethical Trading Initiative, defines in the item two that the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining must be respected.

Solemn act marks new board of directors of FENATTEL – The new board of directors of the National Federation of Telecommunication Workers – FENATTEL, an institution affiliated with UGT, took office on February 26, in an official ceremony in São Paulo. Those who were elected for the next four years, Ricardo Patah, national president of UGT, and Airton Santos, coordinator of DIEESE, attended the event.

Education seminar held in Itu – As part of its actions to qualify and prepare trade union officers, UGT held, on February 23 and 24, the seminar of trade union education at the Commerce Workers Union of Itu (Secom), in SP, gathering trade union from the areas of commerce and civil construction.

Cost of Market Basket increases in all cities – DIEESE is increasing the research of the Market Basket, which is now held in 27 Brazilian capital cities, with the inclusion of nine places. The methodology was updated, but the structure that was defined in the Decree Law 399 remains. In all cities, the basket increased regarding December.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary



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