World UGT 182/2016

Trade Union Information Bulletin   Year  8  nº 182   March 31, 2016

You can read on this number (World UGT 182/2016)

UGT grows throughout Brazil – Ministry of Labor confirms the fact that UGT is the second largest Brazilian trade union center. At the beginning of March, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTP) published the measurement of trade union centers in the Official Gazette and pointed out UGT as the second largest trade union center of Brazil, through calculus that consider the number of affiliated members of each trade union and the quantity of trade union institutions affiliated with the centers, in a period measured until the last day of the previous year.

Everyone together against the mosquito – UGT and São Paulo city hall together to fight the Aedes aegypti. On March 22, UGT received the visit of the Sé Sub-prefecture, which has, through the municipal secretary, mobilized institutions and the population in the fight against the mosquito.

Water is life. Do not let this source dry! – On March 23, the World Water Day is celebrated. The major source of life comes from the water and we currently experience such an enormous water crisis that urgent measures have been taken to save the world we live in. According to data from the United Nations (UN), Brazil is the 12th country that most waste water in the world.

Mercosur’s Confederation of Commerce Workers – Commerce workers prepare founding Congress of Mercosur’s Confederation. The new trade union institution aims to defend and unify the workers rights in commerce.  Commerce officers had a meeting on March 18, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to deal of the preparation of this organization for the founding congress of Mercosur’s Confederation of Commerce Workers Trade Unions.

Letter of solidarity to bank workers of Argentina – UGT shows solidarity to bank workers of Argentina, wrongfully dismissed by the Central Bank of Argentina and the Bank of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Decent Work in Multinational Companies – On March 21 and 22, UGT attended the seminar “Controlling the Entrepreneurial Power in Value Chains,” in El Salvador, which has the goal of covering labor relationships in multinational companies. UGT develops activities in defense of workers in two of these companies, since Walmart and Mcdonalds are constantly caught disrespecting Brazilian labor laws.

UGT’s State Branch of Bahia holds seminar on women – “Women in the 21st century, advances and challenges” was the motto of the 1st Seminar on Women of UGT’s State branch of Bahia, on March 19, in Salvador. The Maria da Penha Law and its main social and legal aspects, as well as entrepreneurship focusing on women were some of the highlights of the activity that was coordinated by Magno Lavigne, president of the State branch.

UGT attends plenary session of the National Health Council – On March 18, Francisco Claudio, director of UGT’s State branch of Rio, attended a plenary session of the National Health Council in Brasilia

Water and jobs – Water stimulates job creation and economy growth, says new UN report. The 2016 World Water Development Report: Water and Employment was released to mark the World Water Day.


Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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