World UGT 186/2016

Trade Union Information Bulletin   Year  8    nº 186   May 31, 2016

You can read on this number (World UGT 186/2016)

UGT defends CPMF tax against establishment of minimum age for retirement – União Geral dos Trabalhadores – UGT is following up close the economic situation of our country and the several proposals that were made by the government of the acting president Michel Temer. Many of them go against the thought of the trade union center and directly affect the working class and the rights they achieved, which we cannot accept as a solution.

UGT gathers board of executives – Meeting of UGT’s board of executives discusses CPMF tax and proposals of joining other trade union centers. This meeting’s agenda focused on discussing the rumors that were spread by the press, such as the alliance between UGT and other trade union centers, as well as clearing out the position of the center and the reasons that made it propose a tax specifically created to finance social security.

UGT defends progressive taxation – The Brazilian taxation system is regressive concerning individual income, that is, it is voracious and harms the worker’s salary. Those who make less money pay relatively more taxes than those who earn more. This way, we cannot support the creation of more taxes that might strangle the purchasing power of the population, which directly affects the Brazilian economy, increases the serious problem of bad income distribution among other factors that, via domino effect, will be unfolded.

Ronaldo Nogueira at UGT – UGT, following the watchword of strengthening the Labor Ministry and the rescue of dignity of the working class, received the visit of Ronaldo Nogueira, Labor Minister, in São Paulo, on May 25, who was hosted by Ricardo Patah, UGT’s leader, and by several presidents of UGT’s State branches.

UGT attends congress in the USA – On May 20, Ricardo Patah, UGT’s national president, attended a meeting with Gary Casteel, secretary-treasurer of United Automobile Workers (UAW), an institution based in Detroit, in the USA. Patah is in Detroit following Moacyr Pereira, UGT’s finance secretary, who is in the city to attend the SEIU congress, which and will last until May 24, with other directors of the trade union center.

Gilberto Kassab received UGT – Unionists from UGT attended a meeting with Gilberto Kassab, minister of Communications, to discuss issues related to the situation of workers of the communication area directly connected to the ministry, such as post office, telephony and TV.

Major success in the course of communication and oratory – The evaluation of the participants of the 2nd Course of Communication and Oratory promoted by UGT’s State branch of Rio, which took place on May 18-20, was extremely positive.

Global Slavery Index – At least 45.8 million people are currently enslaved, according to a report of the NGO Walk Free Foundation, published on May.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira


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