World UGT 187/2016

Trade Union Information Bulletin   Year  8    nº 187     June 15, 2016

You can read on this number – World UGT 187/2016

Tax reform is required to defray social security – UGT follows up close the economic situation of Brazil and the several proposals that were made by the acting president Michel Temer. Many of them are against the thoughts of the trade union center and directly affect the working class and their achieved rights. We cannot accept that as a solution.

Social Security under discussion – On June 13, Representatives of UGT, CSB, Força Sindical and NCST discussed, once again, the reform of the Social Security with the government. This meeting is part of a series of meetings of the agenda of the workgroup that was created last May to discuss proposals directed to the financial balance of the Brazilian social security system. This meeting took place in Brasilia. During this meeting, UGT was represented by Miguel Salaberry Filho, UGT’s national secretary of institutional relationships and by Natal Leo, president of UGT’s Trade Union of Retired Workers, Pensioners and Elderly People – SINDIAPI.

No to High Interest Rates – On June 07, through a unitary action to face the policy of high interest rates that have been occurring for years, which was adopted by the Central Bank as an excuse of “containing” inflation, UGT and other trade union centers held a major protest in front of the head office of the Central Bank, at Paulista Avenue, in São Paulo, since this date is marked by the beginning of the meeting of the Copom (Monetary Policy Committee), which decides the Selic Tax – basic interest tax of the Brazilian economy.

World Day Against Child Labor: Child Labor can be increased through flexible laws – Proposals of flexible labor laws that are submitted to the Congress not only bring precarious work, but also give room to increase the exploitation of children and teenagers in supply chains, Mário Sérgio Pinheiro, Associate Labor Judge and regional manager of the Program to Eradicate Labor Work of Rio Janeiro, stated.

End child labor in supply chains is everyone’s business –  “Through a combined action, it is within our reach to transform the future of work into a future with no child labor”, said Guy Ryder, ILO director-general, through a message on the World Day against Child Labor.

Engineering and Sustainable Development – The Forum of Engineering and Sustainable Development, organized by the Engineering Union of Acre, an institution affiliated with UGT, with support of the National Federation of Engineers and of UGT’s State branch of Acre, which takes place today (June 14) and tomorrow and will be attended by Ricardo Patah, UGT’s national president.

In defense of public servants – Trade union centers from the State of Minas launched a Front in Defense of Public Servants. This front will be initially integrated by UGT’s State branch of Minas, Força Sindical and Nova Central Sindical. This decision was announced on June 6, during a meeting at the head office of that branch.

Yearbook of the Public System on Employment, Labor and Income – DIEESE (Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socio-Economic Studies) has produced, for years, through an agreement with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and financing of the Workers Protection Fund, the Yearbook of the Public System on Employment, Labor and Income, a publication that gathers several indexes from varied sources to show results of government actions that have the goal of keeping, placing, replacing and stimulating workers in the productive activity, with the goal of achieving social inclusion.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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