World UGT 188/2016

Trade Union Information Bulletin  Year  9    nº 188       June 30, 2016

You can read on this number (World UGT 188/2016).

National wage floor: R$ 1,500 Now! – Ricardo Patah, UGT’s national president, began a wide journey to publicize the campaign “National wage floor: R$ 1,500 Now”. UGT’s leader is visiting Brazilian States to talk to grassroots unions and show what is the view of the trade union center in the current political situation that Brazil is experiencing, as well as announcing the actions that this institution is promoting in order for its country to restore the growth path

Project benefits indigenous population of the Bananal Island – On June 22, Marcelo Miranda, governor of Tocantins, received the visit of Ricardo Patah, UGT’s national president who presented a project of sustainable development to the governor, which has as its target audience the indigenous populations Karajá and Javaé, in the Bananal Island. The pilot project was developed by UGT’s Department of International Affairs for the Americas and by Solidarity Center-AFL-CIO (USA).

UGT in defense of workers – After the meeting with the governor of Tocatnins, Patah had a meeting with trade union leaderships from that State, occasion in which he was deeply concerned with the weakening of the labor bench in the National Congress.

No agreement concerning Social Security – On June 28, trade union centers had a meeting at the Palácio do Planalto with Eliseu Padilha, minister of the Civil House, and with Ronaldo Nogueira, Labor minister, to discuss the social security reform and its negative impact on the workers lives.

Social Security: Trade union centers are against equal conditions for men and women – Trade union centers that are discussing the proposal of Social Security with the government not only disagree with the topic of a minimum age for retirement, but also disagree with equal rules for male and female workers.

Brazil and Argentina discuss issue related to confederation – On June 16 and 17, there was a meeting with representatives of several trade unions located in the border region of Argentina and Brazil. This meeting took place at the head office of Federación Argentina de Empleados de Comercio y Servicios (FAECYS) and had the goal of debating over Mercosur’s Confederation of Commerce Workers.

Actions towards commerce workers – The Commerce Workers Union of São Paulo and the Municipal Health Department (SMS) of São Paulo City Hall have developed, since November 2015, combined actions with the goal of following and supervising the execution of the municipal health policy of workers in the trade area.

Protecting social achievements in Latin America – ILO: Labor market policies in Latin America must be reoriented to protect social achievements and address productivity gaps

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary




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