World UGT 190/2016

Trade Union Information Bulletin Year 9 nº 190 July 31, 2016

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Workers in National Assembly – In order to face the crisis and defend labor and social rights, União Geral dos Trabalhadores – UGT and other trade union centers held a National Workers Assembly. By sealing unit of trade union centers in the fight against any sort of flexible labor rights, which would cause an unprecedented crisis in all of the national labor market and would solely benefit the patronage, UGT, CUT, CTB, Força Sindical, CGTB, Nova Central, CSP Conlutas and CSB held, on July 26, in Sao Paulo, a National Workers Assembly for employment and guarantee of rights.

Minister of Labor receives the visit of union centers representatives – Ronaldo Nogueira, minister of labor, had a meeting on July 27, in Brasilia, with representatives from trade union centers from all over Brazil to discuss issues related to outsourcing, the program of employment protection and discussions concerning the principle of the negotiated over the legislated.

Change in the Union Dues – Through a meeting that took place on July 19 with Dr. Lourival Ferreira dos Santos, President of the Regional Labor Court (TRT) of the 15th region, UGT argued with the judge the legitimacy of the welfare contribution. The event was organized through an initiative of the Federation of Health Workers Paulista, an institution affiliated with UGT.

Valdir Vicente thanks tribute – On July 8, CCSCS, Coordinator of the Southern Cone Trade Unions, celebrated its 30 years of fight for workers rights and for democracy in the southern cone. The tribute paid to Valdir Vicente de Barros, UGT’s Secretary of Public Policies, was a highlight of this event. He was secretary general of CCSCS for two periods: 1998-2001 and 2011-2015.

Protest against Nissan – More than 200 workers protested against Nissan during the Olympic torch relay in Sao Paulo, on July 24th, due to the abuses committed by the sponsor of the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

Siemaco discusses politics with youth working class – “What it is politics and how is the political participation made” was the theme discussed during the second Talk of Young Multipliers held on July 27, at the Siemaco auditorium. One hundred and five workers accepted the invitation of Daniela Souza, youth secretary, and listened to the lessons expressed by the research team at the Nove de Julho University and questioned the current national political reality.

UGT’s State branch of Rio Grande do Sul opens new Office – On July 22, UGT’s State branch of Rio Grande do Sul opened its new office with the participation of Ronaldo Nogueira, Minister of Labour, of Ricardo Patah, president of the National UGT, of Mauricio Dietrich, state representative,  of Cássio Trogildo, President of the City Council of Porto Alegre,  and also of councilors Claudio Janta and Márcio Bins Ely, of João de Deus Antunes,  Municipal Labor Secretary of Porto Alegre and of the press.

DIEESE launches bulletin Employment on the Agenda number 0 – During the first quarter of 2016, unemployment reached 10.9% of the Brazilian workforce and the number of unemployed workers reached 11.1 million. Numbers are a lot higher than the ones from January and March 2015, when the percentage of unemployed was estimated at 7.9%.


Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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