World UGT 192/2016

Trade Union Information Bulletin , Year 9 nº 192 , August 30, 2016

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Against precarious employment – On August 30, Ricardo Patah, national president of UGT had a meeting with Rodrigo Maia, president of the House of Representatives, to discuss issues related to the labor and social security reforms.  Patah expressed the main concerns of workers to Mr. Maia, which are related to projects that are in the agenda of the congress and that, if aprooved in their original form, will alter rights that were achieved by workers.

Catastrophic situation – The line of unemployed people already has 11.847 million Brazilian workers throughout the country. The unemployment rate once again hit a record in the quarter that ended in July: 11.6%, the highest level ever to be recorded by the Continuous National Household Sample Survey (Pnad), published yesterday by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

UGT reports anti-unionist practice – UGT reports anti-unionist practice in the Seminar of Valuation of Labor and Life, on August 23, of the Trade Union of Construction Industry Workers of Porto Alegre (STICC). “Anti-union practices in Brazil and in the World” was an issue covered by Ricardo Patah, who presented cases that were identified in multinational companies such as Walmart, Nissan and McDonalds. Patah accused such companies of restricting trade union activity and he is suspicious on the intention of the provisional government of Michel Temer preparing labor reform against the interests of unionism.

Dismantling of Labor Court – On August 24, UGT’s State branch of Minas Gerais attended a public hearing summoned by the State Labor, Social Security and Social Assistance Commission of the Legislative Assembly to discuss the current situation of the cuts of resources directed to the Labor Court, which were drastically reduced in the 2016 Annual Budget Law, recently approved by the National Congress.

UGT’s Institute of High Studies (IAE) – Since its creation in 2007, UGT has been marked by being an innovative trade union  center. Innovative in its trade union project that promotes the relation of trade union movement with a diversity that characterizes several social and political subjects in the XXI century. Coherently to its innovative path, UGT decided to create its Institute of High Studies, IAE, in 2011. Roberto Santiago, president of the IAE

International Labor Conference under discussion – Colleagues that work in the international departments of UGT, Nova Central Sindical, CSB, FENAJUD, SINDIJUS/ Espírito Santo and SINDECON were invited by UGT’s International Affairs Department for a meeting at its head office on August 16. This was an informal talk to evaluate the action of the workers world bench at the 105th International Labor Conference and to discuss the situation of the labor world, with the goal of enabling a better representation at the 106th conference.

Sinthoresp is the newst institution to affiliate with UGT – Through a disputed assembly that took place on August 30, in São Paulo, workers that are affiliated with the Trade Union of Workers of Hotels, Apart Hotels, Motels, Flats, Restaurants, Bars, Snack Bars and similar activities of São Paulo, Sinthoresp, approved the affiliation of this institution with UGT. Sinthoresp is the largest one of this segment in Latin America.

Trade Union of Real Estate Brokers creates UGT’s Lounge – UGT’s State branch of Rio de Janeiro has just been granted an exclusive lounge at the head office of the Trade Union of Real Estate Brokers of Rio de Janeiro (Sindimóveis). UGT’s Lounge, as it was baptized, was inaugurated on August 27 and, according to Zaldo Natzuka Jr, president of Sindimóveis, it has the goal of publicizing the work of UGT with this class, as well as bringing information on actions and fights performed by the trade union center for its affiliated members.

The consequences of the Trans-Pacific Partnership – This publication, produced by UGT’s High Studies Institute (IAE) and under the technical direction of Roberto Nolasco, shows to the “working class that the TPP means a double defeat, both for developed and underdeveloped countries and is a warning on its danger to Brazil”.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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