World UGT 193/2016

Trade Union Information Bulletin Year 9 nº 193 September 15, 2016

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UGT defends workers rights – On September 12, UGT issued a statement in which it affirms to be “against reforms that removes workers rights.” The document comes in a moment in which the government of president Michel Temer spreads rumors about profound changes in the labor and social security areas. UGT’s note was published in 13 newspapers with the largest circulation in the country.

UGT against reforms that remove workers rights – We demand the State to effectively begin a fight against waste and corruption, in addition to transparency in management, enabling the monitoring of public funds. More State for civic rights and development, health for all, high quality education, public safety and social welfare, and less State for oligarchies and speculators. Ricardo Patah, president of UGT

Without income, who is going to consume? – The President of UGT, which is in solid growth and with strong presence in the services and trade sector, is a unionist whose routine includes non-stop traveling throughout Brazil. He runs his trade union grassroots, and he extracts information during these wanderings that allow him to have an accurate reading of the national reality. “President Temer shall make no mistake,” he warns in this interview.

Intransigence of bankers strengthens strike – Strike of bank strengthens and reaches all the country. During the round of negotiations held on September 13, bankers showed their intransigence once again. “There was no progress regarding the proposal submitted earlier, we have no alternative but to maintain the strike,” Lourenço Prado, president of Contec, said.

Child labor persists in Brazil – More than three million children are still submitted to child labor in Brazil. The issue was the focus of a debate sponsored by Programa Arise in a workshop held in Porto Alegre on August 18 and 19.  “Child labor is a violation of fundamental rights of children and adolescents established in the Constitution.” This statement was made by Isa de Oliveira, Executive Secretary of the National Forum of Prevention and Eradication of Child Labor (FNPETI).

Trade unions demand G20 to act – The 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit comes at a time of a persistent social crisis of growth. G20 leaders must act to ensure employment growth through expansionary policies of demand. They need to commit to a structural policy agenda refocused on the reconstruction of strong institutions of the labor market to create quality jobs and to reduce income inequality.

Supreme Federal Court innovates and puts rights at risk – On September 13, while deciding on the prevalence of the negotiated over the legislated, the Supreme Federal Court (STF) jeopardizes the rights of thousands of workers. That is, the notorious labor reform starts to be established.

UGT’s Women department in TUCA meeting in Guatemala – Regina Pessoti Zagretti, secretary of UGT’s Women’s department, attended the international meeting held in Antigua, Guatemala, between 1 and 4 September.

DIEESE: Situation Newsletter – Risk and uncertainty: background of the Brazilian situation.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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