World UGT 197/2016

Trade Union Information Bulletin Year 9 nº 197 November 15, 2016

You can read on this number (World UGT 197/2016)

UGT brings its concerns to president Temer – Brasília, November 04. Ricardo Patah, National President of UGT, has a meeting with President Michel Temer. After that, the leader of UGT reported the concern of workers and society regarding the Social Security reform and the Constitutional Amendment Bill (PEC) 55, which are being processed by the government.

Nissan plays dirty – Protest against Nissan marks the opening of Sao Paulo Auto Show. On November 10, during the opening of São Paulo Auto Show, Brazilian workers connected to UGT made a protest against the Nissan automaker, for anti-unionist practices in the Mississippi factory, United States.

Climate Change Conference advocates just transition – At the end of the first week of Marrakech Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP22), in Morocco, the paramount theme is the just transition, an issue that has been thoroughly debated in Paris and was in the preamble of the agreement.

All our support to Peruvian workers – FENASCON (National Federation of Service, Cleaning and Conservation, Urban, Environmental and Green Area Cleaning Workers), an institution affiliated to UGT, started a campaign to support the struggle of the workers of Sitobur (Trade Union of Workmen of Innova Ambiental) of Lima, Peru, who are threatened with losing their jobs due to a new concession of Lima’s urban cleaning service that puts at risk more than a thousand jobs.

Guy Ryder reelected ILO director general – The Governing Body of the International Labor Organization (ILO) reelected Guy Ryder as the Director-General for a second five-year term beginning in October 2017. Guy Ryder received 54 of the 56 votes of the full members of the Board of Directors and was a single candidate. He took the opportunity to say:

City hall pays what it owns and avoids strike – Due to the mobilization of Siemaco (Union of Employees in Companies Serving Services of Care and Maintenance, Urban Cleaning and Maintenance of Green Areas of São Paulo) and the determination of the class, the stoppage of the urban sweeping service in São Paulo is suspended.

Continental Day for Democracy and against Neoliberalism

Exchange of experiences in the visit of the Chinese delegation to UGT – On October 25, a delegation of SMTUC (Shanghai Municipal Trade Union Council) visited the head office of UGT, occasion in which an agreement of mutual visitation started. Lourenço Prado, UGT’s Foreign Affairs Secretary, welcomed the delegation expressing his point of view on the reality of our country, and thanked the visit of the Chinese colleagues.

UGT discusses Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC) 55 – In order to assist the discussion that UGT is taking concerning the Constitutional Amendment Proposal (PEC 55), currently being processed by the Brazilian Senate, the UGT Institute of Higher Education (IAE) has produced a summary document with an analysis of the PEC and its implications.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary

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