World UGT 2002017

 Trade Union Information Bulletin    Year 9    nº 200   January 05, 2017

You can read on this number (World UGT 200/2017)

Brazil is bigger than the crisis – UGT is fully aware of the country’s social and economic situation in early 2017. With 12 million unemployed workers and falling wages, the situation of Brazilian working families is critical. (…) UGT is fully aware of this situation, but it is also fully aware of Brazil’s potential and the resilience of working families and their people. Brazil is bigger than the crisis and we will overcome this situation starting of this year. Happy 2017! Ricardo Patah, president of UGT

Wages adjusted below inflation – 50% of adjustments were below inflation until October. According to data from the Foundation for Economic Research (FIPE), the percentage of wage adjustments below inflation reached 50% of the negotiations in the period up to October 2016. In October 2015, this share was at 20% and, in 2014, the proportion was 5%.

Minimum wage is established at R$ 937 for 2017 – As of January 1, 2017, the minimum wage will be R$ 937, as announced by the Presidency of the Republic. This amount represents 6.48% over the R$ 880 in force during 2016.

There are already 12 million unemployed workers – Data published by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) on December 29 show that unemployment stood at 11.9% in the quarter that ended in November, reaching 12.1 million people. This is the highest percentage since the beginning of the historical series of the National Continuous Household Sample Survey (PNAD), which began in 2012.

UAW thanks the support of UGT – In a letter signed by its president and secretary general, the International Trade Union, United Automobile, Aerospace and Agricultural Implements Workers of America – UAW thanks the support of UGT and of the Commerce Workers Union of São Paulo for the protests made during the November edition of the Motor Show, which had international repercussions. Read the letter in full:

Migration law needs to ensure rights – During its 12th national meeting, held in early December in Brasilia, the Solidarity Network for Migrants and Refugees (RedeMir) celebrated the approval of Bill 2,156/2016 by the Chamber of Deputies. The text approved by the Chamber still needs to be ratified by the Federal Senate.

Metalworkers of Angra promote act in Brasfels – With the goal of transmitting to the workers the actions taken in favor of guaranteeing employability, as well as the results of the protests carried out with the support of UGT’s State branch of Rio (UGT-RJ) – the last one with the presence of former President Lula -, the leaders of the Metallurgists Trade Union of Angra dos Reis held a meeting on December 16 in front of the Brasfels shipyard.

Siemaco participates in project for homeless people – On January 05, Moacyr Pereira, president of SIEMACO-SP (Union of Employees in Companies Serving Services of Care and Maintenance, Urban Cleaning and Maintenance of Green Areas of São Paulo) and national secretary of UGT’s Finance department attended a meeting with João Doria Jr, mayor of São Paulo.

Workers of Petropolis make protest against package – On December 19, the Petrópolis Trade Union Movement carried out an act against the “package of mischiefs”, a set of measures elaborated by the government of President Temer that, in the opinion of the leaders, imposes sacrifices and losses for workers, retirees and the population.

The ABC of growth now – In this issue of UGT’s Institute of high Studies, Roberto Luis Troster shows “that it is feasible to grow again rapidly”. According to him, “though the fiscal imbalance is important and must be faced, the main component of the crisis is the dynamics of private credit. The evidence is assertive in pointing out the responsibility of the credit dynamics for the difficulties of the country’s economy.”

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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