World UGT 201/2017

Trade Union Information Bulletin, Year 9 nº 201, January 20, 2017

You can read on this number (World UGT 201/2017)

Interest rate cuts must be bigger – Small Selic rate cut shows that government continues to favor speculative capital. The 0.75 points reduction in the Selic base interest rate announced by the Central Bank, at the first meeting of the COPOM (Monetary Policy Committee) of 2017, was below what Brazil needs to resume the path of social and economic development. Ricardo Patah, National President of UGT

Trade union centers make protest at the Bacen – UGT, together with Força Sindical, Nova Central and CGTB, held a large event in front of the Central Bank in São Paulo, at the first meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee – COPOM in 2017.

UGT receives the visit of Minister of Labor in São Paulo – On January 10, Ronaldo Nogueira, Minister of Labor, visited the headquarters of the UGT where he attended a meeting with Ricardo Patah, president of the entity, and with other leaders. The meeting, which was also attended by officers from the Commerce Workers Union of São Paulo, had the goal of discussing the project of social security reform presented by the government.

Trade union centers want debate over the labor reform – Trade unions step pressure for labor reform without urgency. On Monday 16, presidents of the six largest trade union centers in Brazil (CUT, UGT, CTB, Força Sindical, CSB and Nova Central) sent a letter to president Michel Temer.

ILO: unemployment will rise –  Brazil will have the largest increase in unemployment among the G-20 economies in 2017 and will add 1.4 million new unemployed workers to society by 2018. The data are from the International Labor Organization, which, through a report, warns that unemployment in the country will continue to expand and will reach a total of 13.8 million Brazilians by next year.

United to face reforms – On January 11, UGT had a meeting at Dieese (Inter-Union Department of Statistics and Socioeconomic Studies) with other trade union centers with the goal of defining actions to be taken in 2017 to face the projects of reform led by the government that harm Brazilian workers.

Maintenance workers discuss 2017 – With the presence of UGT’s national president, Ricardo Patah, the State branch of Rio de Janeiro (UGT-RJ), hosted, on January 12, a seminar on the “Think Big Project”.

Faith and protest: UGT’s State branch of Bahia at the Cleansing of Bonfim – On January 12, UGT’s State branch of Bahia (UGT-BA) participated in the traditional cleansing of the Bonfim Stairs, the main religious festival of the state, which gathers thousands of people and consists of an eight kilometers march between the Basilica of Senhora da Conceição da Praia and Senhor do Bonfim.

Analysis of proposals to stimulate growth – The federal government has just announced a package of microeconomic measures aimed at preventing recession from deepening. In 2016, GDP has been falling for three consecutive quarters and it is expected to close with a 4% decline this year. This projection signals a clear process of economic depression, a situation that the Brazilian economy had not experienced since the crisis of 1929.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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