World UGT 206/2017

Trade Union Information Bulletin Year 9 nº 206 April 04, 2017

You can read on this number (World UGT 206/2017)

Note from UGT: Government makes a mistake by sanctioning outsourcing Bill – By sanctioning the Bill that regulates the unrestricted outsourcing of all business activities, president Michel Temer made a mistake and an ugly one. Since it is an old project from 1998, workers should have been heard because they are the most interested and the most impacted part. Ricardo Patah, national president of União geral dos Trabalhadores – UGT

April 28: National Day of Fight against Reforms – Officers from all Brazilian trade union centers and representatives of several union institutions, such as subway and electricity, reinforced the unity of struggle of the entities and defined that new demonstrations will take place against the proposals of social security and labor reforms, as well as outsourcing, which were approved by the Chamber of Deputies.

Outsourcing is also theme of fight – After the Bill that frees unrestricted outsourcing of work activities was approved, trade union centers affirm that they will concentrate efforts to mobilize workers in the demonstrations against the labor and social security reforms. Experts in labor economics also criticized this measure and said that flexible labor rules have no technical foundation and represents a major social setback.

Unicom Mercosur – UGT, represented by Avelino Garcia, assistant Secretary General, participated in the Trade Union Meeting of Unicom Mercosur on March 30 and 31, in Argentina. This meeting was the perfect opportunity to exchange experiences and develop strategies to fight the challenges that are proposed for the working class in several South American countries.

UGT’s Department of International affairs gets ready for trade union BRICS – UGT’s department of International Affairs (SRI) has been proceeding with the arrangements for a meeting of the Trade Union BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which will be held on May 10. These arrangements have the goal of organizing the participation of the Brazilian Trade Union Movement at the BRICS Trade Union Summit next September in China.

Goodbye to our friend Eduardo Pavão – UGT dawned sadly on March 25. We, from the trade union movement and from the communications area, have lost a fighting partner and a great professional. At the age of 54, Eduardo Pavão, a journalist, consultant and union adviser at the UGT, passed away, leaving a very large gap in our lives.

Minister of Culture receives the visit of president of UGT – On March 28, Roberto Freire, Minister of Culture, received the visit of Ricardo Patah, president of UGT, and confirmed his presence in the commemorations of Labor Day, organized by UGT to be held on May 1. The minister will attend the inauguration of the photographic exhibition that marks the opening of the festivities on April 23, in São Paulo.

Program of Strategic Trade Union Education – UGT’s National Department of Trade Union Education, with the support of the Institute of Higher Studies (IAE) and the Institute of Social Promotion (IPROS), presents the Strategic Trade Union Education Program.

Churches are against the Social Security Reform – The (Note of CNBB – National Conference of bishops of Brazil – on Bill 287/16 – Social Security Reform) of March 23 calls on Christians and people of good will “to mobilize to seek the best for the Brazilian people, especially the most fragile”. Evangelical churches took a similar initiative, on March 31, in the (Statement of the Historical Evangelical Churches of Brazil and the Evangelical Alliance on the Social Security Reform).

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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