World UGT 211/2017

Trade Union Information Bulletin Year 9 nº 211 June 13, 2017

You can read on this number (World UGT 211/2017)

June 30: General strike – Unity and Struggle in defense of rights. Trade union centers (UGT, CUT, Força Sindical, CTB, New Central, CGTB, CSP-Conlutas, Intersindical, CSB and A Pública) call their grassroots for the fight agenda and indicate a new GENERAL STRIKE on June 30.

UGT condemns intimidation to retired worker who was shot – Carlos Geovani Cirilo is a retired worker who was cowardly shot in the mouth during a peaceful protest of the workers in Brasilia, against the Labor and Social Security Reforms. He was hospitalized in the Base Hospital where he received the visit of two unidentified men who declared to work at the Comptroller of the Military Police.

The importance of trade unions – The proposal of a labor reform that passed in the House of Representatives seeks to create institutional conditions for the structural reduction of labor costs. Thus, it breaks trade unions, an essential instrument to promote a rebalancing in the correlation of forces between capital and labor. Clemente Ganz Lúcio, Technical Director of Dieese

Brazil is denounced in ILO – The following Brazilian trade union centers UGT, CGTB, CSB, CTB, CUT, Força Sindical, Intersindical and NCST attended the 106th International Labor Conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and have made public the clarification on the inclusion of Brazil in the list of countries that violate international labor standards.

106th International Labor Conference – The 106th session of the International Labor Conference (ILC), which annually brings together more than 5,000 representatives of governments and organizations of employers and workers from the 187 member countries of the International Labor Organization (ILO), is taking place this week in Geneva.

UGT in defense of public enterprises – The Seminar ”In Defense of Public Enterprises” was organized by the National Committee for the Defense of Public Enterprises and held in Brasilia, on June 07, at the Hotel San Marco. UGT was represented by Willian Louzada, director of the Trade Union of Bank Workers of Goiás, through the Department of Finance and Credit Affairs, headed by Edson Roberto dos Santos.

Rogério Gomes is reelected for a new tenure at FETHESP – President and new Board of directors of the federation were elected in a meeting held on June 1. Delegates representing trade unions affiliated with the Federation of Employees in Tourism and Hospitality of the State of São Paulo – FETHESP, a trade union affiliated with UGT, elect the board that will command the federation in the next 5 years.

UGT attends seminar on Agenda 2030 – On June 6 and 7, UGT, through its Committee on Sustainability and on Journey 2030, will attend the Seminar/Consultation with Civil Society: Advances and Prospects of the Agenda 2030 and the Future Priorities of the European Union in Brazil, held in Brasilia.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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