World UGT 212-213/2017

Trade Union Information Bulletin, Year 9 nº 212- 213, July 03, 2017

You can read on this number (World UGT 212-213/2017)

June of Struggles Against the reforms – On June 30, União Geral dos Trabalhadores (UGT), in a joint action with other trade union centers, held a major act in downtown São Paulo, in repudiation of the proposals presented by the federal government that remove labor and social security rights.

Ricardo Patah, national president of UGT emphasized the importance of the unity of the social and trade union movements in this very troubled moment of Brazilian politics. “It is unacceptable that a government mired in corruption scandals, with the first president of our history being denounced for corruption in the exercise of his term, wants to approve projects so damaging to the working class.”

Protests throughout Brazil against reforms of president Temer – On June 30, cities in 18 states and the Federal District had protests against labor and social security reforms proposed by the government of Michel Temer.

June of Struggles – Trade Union Centers have been monitoring the unfolding of the economic, political and social crises on a daily basis, as well as the broader and deeper attempt to remove workers’ rights through the Labor and Social Security reforms in the National Congress.

President of UGT demands measure to avoid losses – On June 13, Ricardo Patah, president of União Geral dos Trabalhadores (UGT), and other leaders from this institution had a meeting with President Michel Temer, in the Planalto Palace. After the meeting, Mr. Patah said: “We have come to search for alternatives to develop a Provisional Measure that corrects some of the effects that this project may bring,” he said.

Commission rejects Labor Reform at the Senate – On June 20, the Senate Committee on Social Affairs (CAS) rejected the opinion of the rapporteur Ricardo Ferraço (PSDB party – State of Espírito Santo), which is favorable to the labor reform. This is the 2nd senate committee that analyzed the bill and was favorable to the approval of the text as voted in the House.

Union centers gathered with Nogueira to guarantee rights – On June 21, representatives of the country’s main trade union federations had a meeting with Ronaldo Nogueira, Labor Minister, to discuss the implementation of necessary measures to prevent damages to the worker that the Labor

Violence reported at ILO – Wagner Souza, assistant secretary of União Geral dos Trabalhadores – UGT’s department of international affairs, is in Geneva, Switzerland, attending the 106th Conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO). He, and other trade unionists from Brazil, attended a demonstration in front of the headquarters of the United Nations (UN).

Highlights of UGT in the 106th ILO Conference – The UGT delegation actively participated in the 106th International Conference of the ILO, from June 5 to 16 in Geneva, Switzerland. During the conference, which brought together more than 7,000 people among delegates (660), government technicians (1,141), representatives of employers (550) and workers (781) and the bench of Brazilian unionists, which sent a document to the Standards Department of the ILO.

International Solidarity – The International Union, United Automotive, Aerospace and Agricultural Implement Workers of America – UAW, an international entity, through its chairman Dennis Williams and through Gary Casteel, Treasury Secretary, sent a letter expressing its solidarity and support to Brazilian unions and workers in their efforts to defend labor rights and to fight against right-wing politicians during the March of the Working Class, which took place in Brasilia, on May 24.

Bank and insurance workers hold XIII National Congress – From June 29 to July 1, the city of São Paulo hosted the XIII National Congress of Bank and Insurance Workers. Two hundred and fifty delegates from trade unions, federations and confederations attended this event, which brought together trade union leaders from all the states of the federation and had the goal of broadening the debate on the main problems of these classes.

Janot asks for the suspension of outsourcing law – Rodrigo Janot, Attorney General, filed Direct Action of Unconstitutionality against the law on unrestricted outsourcing, arguing that there is unconstitutionality in the recent change of labor market rules and calls for the suspension of the new rules. The Federal Supreme Court (STF) received this documentation and minister Gilmar Mendes will be the rapporteur of the case.

Union Education discusses 4th Industrial Revolution – On June 26 and 27, UGT’s National Department of Trade Union Education will hold a seminar in Porto Alegre, which will address, among other topics, the issue of the 4th Industrial Revolution and its impact on the world of work.

Contec launches new website and app – A new and more dynamic website with access to relevant information, document consultation and interactivity, is available to Brazilian bank and insurance workers. Contec has launched its new website, as well as a free app for mobile devices. Another innovation is CONTEC’s WhatsApp, which will operate at (61) 98302.0012.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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