World UGT 214/2017

Trade Union Information Bulletin, Year 9 nº 214, July 17, 2017

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UGT’s declaration of repudiation: Labor reform is a disservice to society – Regrettably, the Senate, by approving the project of change in labor laws, without making any change in the text approved by the House of Representatives, Senators stopped legislating for Brazilian society and began to attend to the interests of the business sector and speculative capital, being subservient to the appeal of a government that has been doing a disservice to our country, defending personal interests to the detriment of the greater interest of the Nation.Our fight does not end now: it has just begun! Ricardo Patah, national president of UGT

UGT demands Provisional Measure correcting labor reform – Ricardo Patah, president of UGT, said that the basic text of the labor reform, approved on July 11 in the Senate, is a setback that removes workers’ rights and union action at a time of serious crisis of unemployment in the country. And it charges President Michel Temer with the commitment to edit a Provisional Measure (MP) to correct some of the changes provided in the main text.

Trade union centers reaffirm unity on struggle – The trade union centers UGT, CTB, CUT, Nova Central, CSB and Força Sindical had a meeting on July 13 and evaluated the scenario and the challenges posed by the sanction of the Labor Reform. The trade union centers reiterate their opposition to the proposal sanctioned by President Michel Temer.

Unemployment rates will not reduce – ‘There is no possibility that the labor reform will reduce unemployment’ On July 3, the Center for Trade Union Studies and Labor Economics of Unicamp (Cesit) has launched a dossier to evaluate the labor reform proposal of the illegitimate president Michel Temer (PMDB party).

The importance of unionism – Directly or indirectly, we have been active in trade unionism for at least 35 years. We know, therefore, of the struggles taken in order to bring better living conditions to the Brazilian worker. Throughout this path, we have been able to witness the achievement of great benefits that currently the business world takes for itself. José Antonio Martins Fernandes, President of Sinpefesp and FEPEFI and UGT’s National Secretary for Sports and Recreation Affairs.

Time for a union at Nissan US plant – In the face of anti-union management, workers at Nissan’s plant in Canton, Mississippi, have fought for more than ten years for the right to organize. This week, workers filed for a union election, with the assistance from United Autoworkers.

Antonio Jara: Argentine unionist and secretary general of CCSCS – Today we say goodbye to our colleague and friend Antonio Jara, a great union leader and a tireless defender of the workers of South America and of the world. Secretary-General of the Coordinator of Trade Union Centers of the Southern Cone (CCSCS), Antonio led the labor movement in the region in a process of resistance to the neoliberal attacks that the region has suffered, maintaining the unity of the working class in search of a more fair region and world.

Article of newspaper Estadão on ILO is far from the truth – The article published on the July 12 issue of the Estadão reports in a distorted and biased manner that the International Labor Organization has backed away from the position it once held, since the labor reform approved on July 11 represents a series of violations of Conventions ratified by Brazil. Such information is far from the truth and shows great ignorance of the role of the ILO and its relationship with the labor laws of its Member States.

Latin American commerce workers have wide debates in Argentina – Representatives and commerce workers leaders from Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile had a meeting on July 11, in Puerto Iguazú, province of Misiones, Argentina, to discuss labor relations in Latin American trade.

Trade union of professional athletes of São Paulo celebrates 70 years – The trade union of professional athletes of São Paulo, an institution affiliated with UGT, was founded 70 years ago and now celebrates this glorious trajectory in favor of professional athletes and prepares a series of events to mark such a significant date.

Rio hosts UGT’s seminar on trade union education – Reflect on the issues of today’s world and how they affect the lives of workers. With this goal, members of UGT from Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo had a meeting on July 11, at the head office of the Trade Union of Tailors and Sewers (SOAC), during the National Seminar on Trade Union Training.

Why is the labor reform unconstitutional? –  The labor reform voted in the Federal Senate violates the principles of human dignity and social protection at work, and may even threaten the minimum wage, according to Ronaldo Fleury, Labor Attorney General.

Marcos Afonso Oliveira

UGT Publicizing and Communications Secretary


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